Hagersville Community Christian Reformed Church

Prayer Ministry

Loving God, when we aren’t sure, help us be calm.  

When information comes from all sides – correct and not – help us to discern.  

When anxiety seems to be the order of the day, slow us down God.  

Help us to reach out with our hearts, when we can’t touch with our hands.  Help us to be socially connected when we have to be socially distant.  

Help us to love as perfectly as we can, knowing that “perfect love casts out all fear.”

For the doctors and nurses, we pray.

For the technicians and the janitors and the aides and the caregivers, we pray.

For the researchers and those in the government who are trying to respond, we pray.

For those who are vulnerable, and our older friends and relatives (name specifically), we pray.

For those whose jobs and plans are in chaos, we pray.

For those who are sick, and those who are grieving…all around the world, we pray.

We pray for safety, for health, for wholeness. 

May we do all that we can to help and heal in spite of the pandemic, in spite of the fear.

Help us, O God, that we might help each other.

In the name of Jesus, our great healer and saviour we pray.  Amen

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